Hardware & Software Support:

Ranjith IT Solutions will provide assistance for customers in problem evaluation to determine whether or not the practical issue is related to the third-party hardware or software. In order to segregate the issue, Ranjith IT Solutions reserves the right to request that the third-party hardware or software be removed. If Ranjith IT Solutions cannot directly identify the root cause or reasonably suspects that the problem is related to third-party hardware or software, Ranjith IT Solutions will reach out to third-party vendors based on established Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) or Cooperative Support Agreement (CSA) relationships to further troubleshoot the issue.

Resident Engineer Support:

Ranjith IT Solutions Resident Engineers are available for annual onsite activities and provide highly customized effective help to your organization. Bringing the most intensive technologies in the industry to your company, the Resident Engineer emphases on all technical aspects. Because they work daily along your staff at your site, Resident Engineers become conversant with your unique development practices and requirements, network's specifications and challenges, and limitations. Resident Engineer can help you avoid many network issues before they arise and are fully prepared to help resolve issues quickly when they do occur also assists with deployment day-to-day operations for larger networks.

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